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Workshop on 6G KPIs and how to measure them

September 28 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm CEST

Workshop description

The 5G PPP Test Measurement and KPI Validation work group (TMV WG) invites you to join a workshop to reflect on 6G KPIs and how to measure them.

Before EUCNC, the 5G PPP TMV released a white paper on “Beyond 5G/6G KPIs and Target Values”  based on input from 5G PPP ICT-52-2020 (ICT-52) projects. In this paper, KPIs from the ICT-52 projects were collected, described, and related to existing 5G KPIs. Where available the target values for 6G were provided.

In the paper the KPIs were clustered in KPI families based on type and the area that the KPI concerns. As most of the ICT-52 projects were in an early stage at the time of the paper creation, some of the KPI definitions and the target values and measurement techniques were often not fully defined.

The target of this workshop is to discuss the KPI definitions and which measurement techniques exists to monitor them. The workshops also intend to identify potential support for the ICT-52 projects. The workshop will also be the kick-off of the next iteration of the white paper on “Beyond 5G/6G KPIs and Target Values” where the aim is to further refine target values and the measurement techniques, again based on input from the ICT-52 projects and the 5GPPP TMV working group.

We invite all participants to inform us if they would like to contribute to the workshop by September 9th.

Agenda (preliminary):

Start timeTitleContent
9:00Welcome, IntroductionTMV (Anastasius Gavras)Overview of the agenda
9:05Overview of the B5G/6G KPI whitepaperTMV (Vangelis Kosmatos)TMV motivation and methodology for the B5G and 6G KPI paper
9:15B5G/6G KPIs in ICT-52 projects
(12 minutes each)
RISE-6GThe Beyond 5G/6G KPIs and Target Values of the RISE-6G project.
DEDICAT-6GDEDICAT-6G use cases and main B5G/6G KPIs to be addressed in the project
Hexa-XHexa-X vision on what to measure for 6G KPI.
TeraFlow & IETFTeraFlow overview on network slicing benchmark testing
DAEMONDAEMON presentation on B5G/6G KPIs and ways to measure/monitor
AI@EDGEImplementation of a KPI template and tool, based on the 5GPP standards, describing important values for the 6G initiative
10:30Coffee/tee break
10:40B5G/6G KPIs in ICT-52 projects
(12 minutes each)
MARSALKPIs for ML-Based, Networking and Computing Infrastructure Resource Management of 6G Networks
6G-BRAINS6G KPIs for industry environments
11:05Overview of 5G Tools whitepaperTMV (Luca Valcarenghi)Overview of 5G Tools measurement and monitoring solutions (5G KPI centred)
11:20B5G/6G KPI measurement techniques and challenges
(12 minutes each)
KeysightView from Keysight on B5G/6G measurement techniques
ACTA / VIAVIOverview of the current 5G state-of-the art measurement techniques and results in H2020 projects and then elaborate on the challenges and mythologies for B5G & 6G network validation
11:45Next steps on the whitepaper and discussionsTMV (Michael Dieudonne)Inform about the next white paper effort.  Topical area of the white paper: list of questions and check what the audience is thinking. What are the real challenges on B5G and 6G KPIs. Methodologies? Tools? HW and SW limitations?


Registration is via the 5G-PPP event webpage: https://5g-ppp.eu/event/workshop-on-6g-kpis-and-how-to-measure-them/


September 28
9:00 am - 12:00 pm CEST



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