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6G SNS IA Report: Smart city trials in Europe – Summary of activities in smart city vertical segments/use cases (June 2024)
This document concentrates on 5G and communication systems in concept of Smart City vertical, basic requirement and expectations of various stakeholders for future communication infrastructure. The report provides summary of the key 5G PPP Phase 3 projects related to smart city use case trials and validations. The more comprehensive information of project foci and results can be found from each project web page. The selected use cases for some of the projects are also presented in annual 5G PPP Trials and Pilots brochure, which is available at [5GPPP-T&P]. The part of the work on expectation and best practices for innovation and experimentation facilities and building the platforms was carried out with interviews for Digital Transition Partnership actions. Part of the summary on joint innovation and city partnership networks is also available in public within Urban Agenda for EU – Digital Transition Partnership progress report documents at EC and thus reflects the advances and requirements also outside 5G PPP and collaboration with European city networks.

6G SNS IA & AIOTI: White Paper The role of 6G in agriculture (May 2024).
This is a joint white paper between 6G-IA and AIOTI. It provides information about precision agriculture, aquaculture and novel farming techniques, environmental and biodiversity monitoring, and sustainability issues. The white paper provides information about several use cases studied in the context of various projects and identifies the main issues of these use cases related to 6G networks and technologies. It also presents ideas on how 6G smart networks and services will positively impact the agricultural domain.

6G SNS IA: Open Networks and Services Whitepaper, Platforms Subdomain (May 2024).
This whitepaper is a product of 6G-IA Open SNS WG. The main target audience for this white paper are vendors, operators, and solution architects who want to use open platforms in their networks. The whitepaper investigates the opportunities of open ICT platforms as an enabler for next generation disaggregated network deployment, provisioning and operation. For this purpose, it provides an overview of most prominent open ICT platforms that support implementation of open networks such as ONAP, Openstack, and Kubernetes as well as a taxonomy and classifications of their openness, features, and complexity. One key finding is that existing open platforms are becoming mature enough for mass adoption. Further, this document includes recommendations for vendors as well as operators to use open platforms to enable cross compatibility, energy conservation, resource efficiency, as well as application/data readiness of the network. Vendors and operators should also endorse and support open network initiatives enabling large scale adoption of open platform technologies.

The development of 6G networks represents an exciting opportunity to advance the capabilities of wireless communications. The design and deployment of these networks will require new approaches to network architecture that can efficiently accommodate the diverse needs of different deployment strategies and use cases in the future. Open (in the sense of opening new interfaces) and disaggregated network architectures promise flexibility in selecting and optimizing network functions and services. This white paper explores the potential benefits and challenges of such architectures in the context of radio access networks (RAN).

This position paper provides a picture of the current 6G vision and developments in Europe and how they may influence or require specific microelectronics developments and priorities for funding of future R&I actions. Its goal is to stimulate possible joint/strategic cooperation, notably through structured collaboration between the Chips (Chips JU) and the Smart Network and Services (SNS JU) Joint Undertakings.  This document was prepared by the 6G-IA and endorsed by AENEAS.  The contributors of the white paper include a number of experts from various organizations, as well as representatives of DG-CNECT and the SNS JU Office.

“EU-US Beyond 5G/6G Roadmap” ATIS/6G IA Joint Paper   This document contains a set of critical strategic reflections and recommendations for 6G networks and services, capturing the views and priorities from Next G Alliance and the SNS JU. This document proposes a roadmap for future opportunities through EU and US funding instruments. It also aims to provide directions for collaboration opportunities that will go beyond the scope of such funding instruments, assisting the academic and business stakeholders between the two sides of the Atlantic to identify mutually beneficial opportunities.

6G IA Position Paper: KEY STRATEGIES FOR 6G SMART NETWORKS AND SERVICES – Sept 2023: This paper presents a set of key strategic reflections and recommendations for 6G smart networks and services, capturing the views and priorities from the members of the 6G-IA. This document will be used to further elaborate future versions of the SNS JU Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) as well as the R&I Work Programmes. It also offers directions for collaboration opportunities for European Stakeholders that go beyond the scope of the SNS JU.

Report on Member State Initiatives – March 2023: The purpose of this report is to highlight the various activities promoted by Member States, Associated countries and Candidate Countries which are relevant for the deployment of 5G communications networks and their evolution “Beyond 5G” towards “6G” networks. Please click on the title to download the report.

European Vision for the 6G Network Ecosystem – June 2021: (Click here for the: White Paper or the shorter Executive Summary)  The 5G IA “Vision and Societal Challenges Work Group” have published this white paper describing key areas related to 6G research from a technical, societal, policy and business perspective providing a vision for the future mobile networks. In the coming decade, 6G will bring a new era in which billions of things, humans, and connected vehicles, robots and drones will generate zettabytes of digital information. The White Paper explains how 6G is expected to play a key role in the evolution of the society towards the 2030’s, as the convergence between the digital, physical and personal worlds will increasingly become a reality. Furthermore, 6G will support the European Green Deal’s objective of reaching climate neutrality for Europe by 2050. This and other objectives of 6G will also greatly contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  Key features of 6G will include intelligent connected management and control functions, programmability, integrated sensing and communication, reduction of energy footprint, trustworthy infrastructure, scalability and affordability. The development of Europe-based 6G infrastructures and solutions will be of key importance to secure European strategic autonomy in critical technologies and systems.  In the final part, the White Paper presents possible opportunities and obstacles related to 6G as well as a series of recommendations for both policy makers and businesses.





See also the Plans & Papers section on the 5G PPP website for more relevant papers

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