As part of the SNS JU Governance mode, there will be Working Groups (WGs) formed to address certain issues and publish consolidated views established within the SNS Community.

There are three basic types of Working groups:

  • SNS Industry Working Groups (6G IA WGs) – established under a mandate from the 6G IA
  • SNS Project Working groups (SNS WGs) – established under the mandate of the inter-project Steering Board  (SB), and
  • SNS Strategic Working Groups (SNS GB WGs) – established under the mandate of the SNS JU Governing Board (GB)

This page introduces the  SNS Industry Working Groups  – also known as the 6G IA Working groups  – in terms of their primary ambitions.

Depending on their mandates and purpose, the different 6G-IA WGs may have different participation rules. Some may require 6G-IA membership but many are open to all organizations in SNS JU (e.g., Pre-standardization WG, Trials,…). However, in 6G IA WGs eligibility for Chairmanship of 6G-IA WGs as well as voting (if/when needed) is limited to 6G-IA members.


This list may be updated form time to time as some groups fulfill their mandates and close, while other, new topics, may arise prompting a new group to be established.  The titles of the groups will become active links as soon as hte details of each group are ready for publication.

Vision WG
Developing a vision for Smart Networks and Services beyond 2030

Promoting open solutions for 5G and beyond 5G/6G networks.

Trials WG
Developing a European Trial Roadmap for beyond 5G/6G systems in the context of SNS.

Pre-standardization WG
Facilitating impact creation in particular towards relevant standardization bodies and open source.

5G/6G for Connected and Automated Mobility WG
Establishing a knowledge base and facilitate the exchange of information on ongoing R&I activities in the field.

Spectrum WG
Focusing on the regulatory and technical aspects that relate to spectrum for beyond 5G and 6G systems.

Security WG
Fostering development of the 5G/6G Security Community.

WiTaR (Women in Telecommunications and Research) WG
Promoting a gender-balanced approach in European R&I activities, including industry and academia.

The web pages for the SNS Project Working groups (SNS WGs) and the SNS Strategic Working Groups (SNS GB WGs) will be linked here as soon as the information becomes available.

For further reference the information on the 5G-PPP Working Groups is available here:




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