Previous generations of mobile technologies primarily satisfied human communications in the form of voice, data and Internet. 5G and its evolution to 6G on the other hand equally aims for industrial communications to help digitise the economy and contribute towards global digital transformation. Vertical sectors such as automotive, transport, media, and manufacturing will likely be the leading adopters.

Within this context, the 6G-IA, representing the private side in the Smart Networks and Service Joint Undertaking (SNS JU), includes verticals engagement as a main objective. The Vertical Engagement Task Force (VTF) established under 5G PPP will follow up to coordinate and monitor activities related to working with vertical sectors. Specifically, it has the following objectives:

  • Enhance verticals engagement in SNS JU
  • Promote relevant funding Calls within verticals industries
  • Gather verticals feedback on 5G evolution towards 6G needs and potential barriers for adoption
  • Raise awareness of 5G evolution potential



Members of the 5G-PPP and SNS community regularly attend industry events and conferences organised by or dedicated to different vertical sectors. Our objective is twofold:

(1) present 5G/Beyond 5G/6G and their potential for verticals

(2) listen to industry professionals and gather specific requirements from different verticals

You can contact Raffaele de Peppe, Chairman of the Verticals Engagement Task Force, if you are attending an event and wish to meet.





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