SONATA updated design, additional features, new components of SDK prototype

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SONATA has just submitted a new deliverable, D3.2 Intermediate Release of SDk prototype and documentation. This is the qualified version of the NFV framework released on time.

The first phase of the SONATA project resulted in a release of the first version of the Software Development Kit (SDK) and Service Platform (SP). These SONATA building blocks complement each other  and focus on otimal (re-use) of the available network and cloud infrastructure in order to provide telecom services based on a mix of solftware and hardware-based architecture.

THe SDK is built as a set of small independent tools whic hcan be combined in one or multiple workows to develop a SONATA service which is composed of software-based Network Functions (NFs). This design and programming model enalbes agile development, involving quick and iterative cycles of development, with the possibility of rapidly transitioning between development and operations (DevOps), which is one of the characteristics of the SONATA approach.

The current D3.2 provides updated design, additional features, as well as new components of the SDK in the intermediate SONATA release.

To read more, download the SONATA D3.2 here.


SONATA is developing a NFV framework that provides a programming model and development toolchain for virtualized services, fully integrated with a DevOps-enabled service platform and orchestration system. SONATA initial results include:

  • SONATA’s Network Service SDK: Facilitates network service development for third-party developers
  • SONATA’s Service platform: Thanks to the modular design of its MANO framework, the platform offers high customization opportunities for both, Communication Service Providers and Service Developers.
  • SONATA NFV DevOps Workflow: The SONATA system is designed for agile development and operation of network services. It enables a DevOps workflow between the SDK tools and the service platform, which allows developers and operators to closely collaborate.
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