9th Global 5G Event Highlights Success of 5G Progress

The 9th Global 5G Event was held successfully at Hotel “The New Otani” located in the center of Tokyo, Japan on 20th and 21st September 2022. Although it is still not possible to foresee an end of COVID-19, it is also important to change into the “new normal” for social and economic activities. This event was held by hybrid method both on-site and online while taking sufficient measures against COVID-19 infection.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), Japan and the Fifth Generation Mobile Communications Promotion Forum (5GMF) jointly hosted and organized this event with the six leading 5G organizations throughout the world (5G Americas, 5G Brasil, 5G Forum, 6G-IA, IMT-2020(5G)PG and TSDSI) which are the members of Multilateral MoU partnership to hold the Global 5G Event.

The global 5G event is one of the key global platforms to share the information of latest trends and exchange views on the many topics for 5G and Beyond 5G including unified technology standards.

During the one and half days’ event, 6 sessions were held on topics including Regulation and Polices, Business trend and Commercialization, Network development and installation for 5G Advanced, Prospects from 5G to Beyond 5G, Security and Trust and Initiative of Advanced Service in Japan. 37 invited speakers gave excellent presentations and provided important insights in each panel discussion. In final comments to the distinguished audience, 5GMF suggested that stakeholders in 5G should contribute to realize utilization of full 5G performance in the industrial fields where 5G is needed by 2025 and collaborate with the various areas of research and study on Beyond 5G/6G towards the year 2030.

The 10th Global 5G Event will be hosted by Republic of Korea 5G Forum in 2023.

Global 5G Events MoU Signatories:

Emeritus Prof. YOSHIDA Susumu, Chairperson of the Fifth Generation Mobile Communications Promotion Forum (5GMF), said: “On behalf of 5GMF, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who contributed to hold this event in Tokyo again. Energetic endeavors to deploy and spread a wide range of 5G commercial services are underway worldwide. Therefore, we believe that it is extremely important to take this opportunity to exchange the latest knowledge and expertise and share information about ongoing activities on 5G and Beyond 5G, thereby mutual understanding, mutual collaboration and mutual friendship among us are expected to be further strengthened.

Prof. KyungHi Chang, Chairman of the 5G Forum Executive Committee, said:Congratulations on the successful hybrid event after the break due to COVID 19. Experts from each country/continent share information on the 5G policies, status, business trends, and prospects towards the next generations. The event becomes more valuable platform of collaboration among participants without any doubt. Please don’t forget to schedule in advance for 10th anniversary Global 5G Event at Seoul, Korea, to be held during the week of 30th Oct., 2023.”

Mr. Chris Pearson, President of 5G Americas, stated: “5G continues to make progress in all parts of the world. The 9th Global 5G Event provided an opportunity for the leading 5G associations to discuss the opportunities and challenges for 5G as its ecosystem grows and provides new technology solutions to more industries.”

Prof. José Marcos C. Brito, General Secretary of 5G Brasil, said: “First, we are happy for the return of the 5G Global event, after the interruption caused by covid. This year, the 9th 5G Global event brought us important updates on the status of 5G implementation in the world, considering the most diverse aspects, like: 5G trends and policies, 5G commercialization, 5G solutions for vertical industries, and 5G against Covid-19. This year we also began to discuss about 6G networks, which are already starting to be analyzed in several research projects. In short, a unique and fundamental event to understand the present and future of mobile communications networks in the world.”

Mr. N G Subramaniam, Chair of TSDSI, said: “After TSDSI signed the Accession Agreement to the Multilateral MoU in September 2020, this 9th Global 5G Event is the second one in which TSDSI is taking part with great interest. As India rolls out its 5G commercial service launch, it is all the more important to enable global benchmarking of deployment of 5G technologies, and to share results and experiences from pilots, trials and deployments in diverse markets, that will help bringing experiences from our respective regions to a common platform. The Global 5G Event agenda, this year, gave also the opportunity to build a bridge between 5G and Beyond 5G/6G, where TSDSI expressed its views on future technology trends and services.”

Dr. Colin Willcock, Chairman of the 6G-IA Board, said: The 9th Global 5G event presented a unique opportunity to bring the global 5G community physically together again, to better understand the status of 5G around the world and look to the future beyond 5G.

Ms. Zhiqin Wang, Chairperson of IMT-20205GPG, said: “The 9th Global 5G Event made a great success. On this global platform, all parties shared the latest progress of 5G and the prospect towards future development on 5G& 5G-A. By working together, we hope 5G release its full performance contributing to the digital transformation of economy and society.”

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