FANTASTIC-5G 2016 achievements

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FANTASTIC-5G is wrapping up with a snapshot on 2016 achievements over the last 12 months in its newsletter. It has been a fantastic year for FANTASTIC-5G with tremendous achievements:

  • FANTASIC-5G is excellent: FANTASTIC-5G has been recently evaluated by the EC in the intermediate review with the highest possible outcome!
  • FANTASTIC-5G has provided more than 30 significant contributions to the ongoing 5G standardization in 3GPP, more than 16 patents have been filed and the consortium and its partners have published more than 50 papers in the first half of the project
  • FANTASTIC-5G has produced the following technical ‘golden nuggets’ in 2016:

o   Invention of 5G New Waveforms with factor 100 lower out-of-band emission, support of multiple numerologies and asynchronous transmissions for the vertical market applications, and easy coexistence with plain 4G OFDM

o   Enabling technology solution for massive machine-type communication in the IoT/Industry 4.0 market.

o   Flexible Interference mitigation for 5G below 6GH with FDD and TDD providing 7-10x higher spectral efficiency over LTE 4×4

  • FANTASTIC-5G has been present with booth and proof-of-concept demonstration of invented technologies (e.g. new waveforms) at the European flagship conference EuCNC 2016 in Athens as well as the major ‘5G Global Event 2016’ in Rome, and initiated the leading 5G workshop series in the world’s flagship conferences such as GLOBECOM 2016 and ICC 2016 (,

FANTASTIC-5G and partners have been highly promoted FANTASTIC-5G technologies at the major Mobile World Congress 2016 exposition.



FANTASTIC-5G is a European project which will develop a new multi-service Air Interface (AI) for below 6 GHz through a modular design.
To allow the system to adapt to the anticipated heterogeneity, the pursued properties are: flexibility, scalability, versatility, efficiency and future-proofness.
To this end, the project will develop the technical AI components and integrate them into an overall AI framework where adaptation to the above described sources of heterogeneity will be accomplished.
The work will also comprise intense validation and system level simulations. The consortium possesses the main stakeholders for innovation and impacting standardization, maintaining Europe at the forefront.

Contact: Frank Schaich, ALU Germany, frank.schaich(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)


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