The 8th Global 5G Event was Held Successfully Online

The 8th Global 5G Event on 5G Empowers the Digital Economy was successfully held online on 14th and 15th October 2021. China IMT-2020(5G)Promotion hosted this Event with the other six leading 5G organizations from Brazil, Europe, India, Japan, Republic of Korea and the Americas region.

The global 5G event is one of the key platforms worldwide for mobile communication and related industries to release 5G achievements, conduct exchanges and build consensus, which provides strong support for the establishment of global unified 5G technology standards and the industrial ecosystem, and has a far-reaching impact on the future development of 5G.

During the two-days’ event, 32 invited speakers gave excellent presentations and insightful discussions around 5 topics: 5G Trends and Policies, Beyond 5G, 5G Commercialization, 5G Solutions for Vertical Industries and 5G for Pandemic Control.

The 9th Global 5G Event will be hosted by Japan 5GMF in 2022 fall.

Ms. Zhiqin Wang, Chair of IMT-20205GPG, said: “As 5G is being commercialized worldwide, 5G development has moved from the R&D phase to the large-scale application phase. How to turn the grand vision of 5G into reality, so that 5G can empower different industries, add intelligence and create value for them? This requires the common wisdom of the global industry.  With the Global 5G Event, the sparks of innovation will fly. The 8th Global 5G Event offers an opportunity to exchange experiences in 5G network construction and industry applications, gather consensus on the evolution of technologies and standards and development policies, and accelerate the development of 5G-enabled digital economy.”

Dr. Colin Willcock, Chair of the 5G IA Board, said After the long period of disruption and tragedy caused by the covid virus, the 8th Global 5G event presented a unique opportunity to bring the global 5G community together again, to better understand the status of 5G around the world and look to the future beyond 5G.

Mr. Chris Pearson, President of 5G Americas, stated: “Through the collaboration of the leading 5G associations in the Americas, Brazil, China, Europe, India, Japan and South Korea,  the 8th Global 5G event continued to be an important conference to share technical, regulatory and market information for the growing  5G wireless industry” 

Mr. Dong Ku Kim, Chair of the 5G Forum executive committee, said: The 8th Global 5G Event in China is a great event to see the 5G business status in the MOU partners, where we can share what would have driven 5G to weave into vertical industries. and what all of these efforts have brought to the 5G ecosystem

Prof. Emeritus Susumu Yoshida, Chair of the 5th Generation Mobile Communications Promotion Forum (5GMF), stated, “The presentations and the discussions at this 8th Global 5G Event were extremely stimulating, timely and useful, reflecting ongoing world-wide developing of 5G networks, and we are sure they will accelerate further developing of full performance 5G, its evolution, and discussions towards 5G-Advanced and Beyond 5G.”

Prof. José Marcos C. Brito, General Secretary of 5G Brasil, said: “First, we are happy for the return of the 5G Global event, after the interruption caused by covid. This year, the 8th 5G Global event brought us important updates on the status of 5G implementation in the world, considering the most diverse aspects, like: 5G trends and policies, 5G commercialization, 5G solutions for vertical industries, and 5G against Covid-19. This year we also started to discuss about 6G networks, which are already starting to be analyzed in several research projects. In short, a unique and fundamental event to understand the present and future of mobile communications networks in the world.”

Mr. N G Subramaniam, Chair of TSDSI, stated: “ After TSDSI signed the Accession Agreement to the Multilateral MoU in September 2020, this 8th Global 5G Event is the first one in which TSDSI is taking part with great interest. As India looks to deployment of 5G technologies in step with the rest of the world, sharing of results and experiences from pilots, trials and deployments in diverse markets will help bringing experiences from our respective regions to a common platform. We value the opportunity of articulating India market requirements, local innovations and standardisation efforts in this important conference”.

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