SONATA announces its release 1.0 at the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress

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Several representatives from SONATA are at the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress this week. Today, October 12th at 15:40, SONATA is having a workshop session to promote the availability of its release 1.0.  The agenda is available at:

SONATA is an open source project that is developing a NFV framework that provides a programming model and development tool chain for virtualized services, fully integrated with a DevOps-enabled service platform and orchestration system. SONATA initial results include:

  • A Network Service SDK to facilitate the network service development for third-party developers.
  • A Service Platform that, thanks to the modular design of its MANO framework, offers high customization opportunities for both, Communication Service Providers and Service Developers.

Its architecture is fully ETSI compliant and it is also using common industry standards.

SONATA aims at addressing the significant challenges associated with the development, deployment and operation of the complex services envisioned for 5G networks, lowering the entry barriers into the telecommunication market mainly for infrastructure and service providers, including SMEs, and, as such, fostering the development of advanced service offerings of high value.

SONATA outcomes are published in a public GitHub repository under Apache v2.0 license, a permissive license that guarantees full rights for adoption, modification and distribution. It is worth to stress that this software release is freely available for download and it is ready to be installed. The ideal reference point for the code availability and all the related technical documentation is the project website:

Since developments of SONATA are released under Apache v2 license, it is easy for NEC to uptake the results and may integrate them towards their commercial products”, Michael Bredel, SONATA Technical Manager and Senior Researcher at NEC Laboratories Europe, says.

According to Jose Bonnet, Senior Technology Consultant at Altice Labs: “The current generation of our OSS ‘orchestrators’ is very much focused on the network part of the whole NFV/SDN picture. With the results we expect to obtain from SONATA, the future generations of these products will be very much enriched on these new plans. 5G scenarios, in which the network is opened to third party service providers that are no more under close control of the network provider’s Engineering/IT departments, require an holistic approach to this problem that is simply too costly to pursue immediately if not in cooperation efforts such as this kind of projects”.

As part of our commitment to maximize SONATA impact and guarantee our long-term goals, we are exploring a close collaboration with the OSM project, identifying the important synergies we foresee between both projects”, Diego Lopez, Senior Technology Expert at Telefonica, Chair of ETSI NFV ISG and Co-chair of IRTF’s NFVRG, said.

This is the second release delivered since the project was launched in July 2015. The first one, SONATA v0.9, was delivered last summer.

I am proud of coordinating a project like SONATA. It is amazing to see what this highly collaborative consortium with 15 partners representing the telecom operators, manufacturers, system integrators, service providers, SME developers and research and academic institutes, has achieved”, says Josep Martrat, Coordinator of SONATA Project and Head of the Telecom Market at ATOS Research and Innovation. ”From the beginning, we embraced the agile methodology with a CI/CD strategy at the core of the collaboration. Thanks to this, we have achieved a full integrated prototype in less than a year”.

The core features of SONATA 1.0 are:

Service Platform

  • son-sp-infrabstract: Extension and integration of Networking VIM, able to configure SFC and networking inside NFVi-PoP.
  • son-sp-infrabstract: Service SFC configuration with OpenDaylight SFC agent.
  • son-sp-infrabstract: Integration with WIM Adaptor for WAN configuration.
  • son-gui: Provides monitoring information about all SONATA’s VIM Environments.
  • son-gui: Provides real time alerting.
  • son-gui: New monitoring charts.
  • son-monitor: Update to Prometheus v0.17 and Pushgateway v0.2.0.
  • son-monitor: Integrated new monitoring rules.
  • son-gkeeper: New endpoint for updating a service instance.
  • son-gkeeper: Improved API with the Business Support System (BSS).
  • son-gkeeper: Removed support for the generation of a package file.
  • son-gkeeper: Accept and process notifications from the Service Lifecycle Manager.
  • son-mano-framework: New MANO plugin to manage service specific managers (SSM).
  • son-mano-framework: SSM updating (at runtime!).
  • son-mano-framework: NSR management during Service Update chain.
  • son-mano-framework: ‘REST API call to monitoring framework’ exceptions are caught and handled.

Software Development Kit

  • son-package: Improved log messages (more explicit).
  • son-publish: Result in publish failure if a single descriptor fails to upload.
  • son-push: Check returning code of SP Gatekeeper and log appropriate result.
  • son-monitor: Combine all metrics in a monitor descriptor file, describing the metrics that will be exported from the SDK emulator and displayed in a Grafana dashboard.
  • son-monitor: Starts a Prometheus and Grafana docker container to store and display metrics.
  • son-emu: Full integration of son-monitor.
  • son-emu: son-cli now displays more useful outputs and has extended parameters.
  • son-emu: Automatic deployment of service access point (SAP) containers (e.g. for traffic generation).
  • son-emu: Improved network chain management.

Learn more about SONATA 1.0 in the project website. You can also join our newsletter here:


SONATA project is an EU-funded project Horizon 2020 and part of the 5G PPP initiative. This innovative project has a 30 month work plan that started in July 2015. The consortium is integrated by 15 partners representing the whole value chain of the Telecommunication Industry and also some research and academic institutes.
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