Meet Innovative 5G PPP SMEs @ EuCNC 2017!

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Eight SMEs members of the NetWorld2020 SME Working Group will be there including: AICO Software, InnoRoute, Ubiwhere, CityPassenger, ARDIC Visiona Ingenieria de Proyectos, Nextworks, Montimage:

AICO Software intends to present methods and approaches to evaluate and test the performance of 5G components and services based on modelling.
InnoRoute will show its TrustNode research router and its programming along with later business applications
Ubiwhere intends to showcase its portfolio of solutions for Smart Cities, capable of generating intelligence based on data collected from the urban environments. From the holistic and interoperable Urban Platform, up to the solutions specialised on the domains of Mobility and Environment.
CityPassenger will present its innovative security approaches dedicated to IoT.
ARDIC will show their IoT services capabilities with platform and edge services, including gateway.
Visiona Ingenieria de Proyectos will present its Broadcast Application taking advantage of Software-Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) capabilities working as an Over-the-Top (OTT) service.
Nextworks will present two demonstrations (videos): i) Energy-efficient provisioning of wEPC service instances in 5G networks ii) Dynamic reconfiguration of security chains in 5G mobile networks
Montimage will present its research work on monitoring virtualised environments application to Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization. A specific case sutdy will be shown related to NDN (Named Data Networks).

In addition, WEST Aquila will distribute brochures at the booth.


Come and visit them booth 34, second floor!


5G PPP projects will also be contributing to EUCNC 2017. For instance, Fantastic-5G, Flex5Gware and Speed-5G will jointly organise the “2nd 5G PPP Workshop on 5G Physical Layer Design and Hardware Aspects Below and Above 6 GHz”. SONATA will participate in a workshop organised under the umbrella of the Software Network Working Group of the 5G PPP. Other details will be added as soon as confirmed. COGNET and SELFNET are both organising the 2nd Network Management, Quality of Service and Security for 5G Networks, where the work of the 5G PPP Working Group on Network Management, Quality of Service and Security will be presented. 5G-ENSURE organises a workshop on 5G Security on June 12th with the Security WG. 5G-CROSSHAUL and 5G-XHAUL are co-organising (with iCIRRUS) a Workshop on “New XHaul solutions for the 5G transport challenge” on June 12th. The Software Network Working Group (SONATA, 5GEx, 5G-Crosshaul,Superfluidity, Charisma, SESAME, Selfnet, Virtuwind, Coherent) is organising a Workshop on “Software Networks and 5G: from network programmability to SDN/NFV combination for effective network slicing” on June 12th. SESAME, COHERENT, 5G-XHAUL and CHARISMA are preparing a Special Session on ”Development of a Cloud-enabled “Small Cell as a Service” concept, for Multi-Tenancy and Edge Services in the 5G Framework.” FLEX5GWare and mmMAGIC, with 5G-Champion, 5G-MiEdge are working on a Workshop on “Prototyping the 5th Generation Cellular Wireless Technology”. mmMAGIC is organising a Workshop on “Millimetre-wave technology for 5G access, fronthaul and backhaul”. Euro-5G will also present phase 2 projects.


About SMEs

-AICO Software: manages the performance of network slices to be established. A posterior measurement may not reveal problem sources. Modelling individual components along the path connecting mobile devices shall provide more insight.
-InnoRoute: TrustNode fills a gap of research platforms for IoT and Industry 4.0 with low latency and easy configurability. The design is based on a HW libray from InnoRoute, feasibility study made with SME instrument; low latency feature developed and verified by CHARISMA, application and concept verification in SELFNET.
-CityPassenger has a long experience in securitized network infrastructure dedicated to the business needs of enterprise.
-ARDIC develops a multi-tenant IoT plateform and provide services by connecting with IoT gateways, sensors, actuators and other edge devices.
-Visiona Ingenieria de Proyectos and Nextworks will disseminate the results obtained from H2020 research projects 5G-CROSSHAUL and SELFNET.
-Nextworks will present results achieved in the 5G-CROSSHAUL and SELFNET H2020 projects.
-Montimage will disseminate the results obtained from research projects: CelticPlus SIGMONA and ongoing work in ANR-Doctor (NDN) and CelticPlus SENDATE/TANDEM (SDN/NFV).
-WEST Aquila will share its work in the area of wireless networked embedded systems.







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