The 5G PPP Infrastructure Trials and Pilots brochure #4 is out

The 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (PPP) Programme comprises 93 projects organized in three distinctive phases, namely specification, development and experimentation/pilots. Almost all PPP projects have now completed their work, with 8 Phase 3 projects that will be running in 2024. The 93 PPP projects achieved outstanding results and impact, as it has been regularly highlighted in the PPP Programme and the corresponding project websites. The PPP projects have created a plethora of advanced European telecommunication solutions. They also ensured an extremely high momentum and dynamism for the actual trials of these solutions as well as the further development of 5G systems on the road towards 6G networks, including 6G Smart Networks and Services (SNS) Joint Undertaking (JU).

The Phase 2 and Phase 3 projects have validated, trialed, and piloted the 5G technology in many vertical sectors (e.g., Automotive, Industry, Media & Entertainment, Public Safety, Health, Energy, Smart Cities, Transport & Logistics, etc.). The first three “5G Infrastructure PPP – Trials & Pilots brochures” released in September 2019, December 2020 and August 2021 highlighted 30 of the most impactful Phase 2 and Phase 3 Trials & Pilots. These were selected by a panel of experts that assessed their impact and potential. The current brochure n°4 leverages the experience from the previous brochures (including call for inputs and selection by a panel of experts) and brings the attention of readers to 10 additional Phase 2 and Phase 3 Trials & Pilots. These Trials & Pilots have been evaluated and selected, based on several pre-defined criteria (e.g., impact of 5G networks, achieved KPI, Technology and Market Readiness Levels, societal impact, 5G empowerment etc.). The selected Trials & Pilots are listed below according to the 5G Infrastructure PPP Phase / Strategic Objective / Calls timing they belong to and in alphabetical order:

ICT-18-2018, Automotive projects

  • 5G-CARMEN: 5G assisted cooperative and automated manoeuvres in cross border scenarios.
  • 5GCroCo: 5G cross-border service continuity for tele-operated driving.
  • 5G-MOBIX: Spain – Portugal cross border corridor.
  • 5G-MOBIX: Greece – Turkey cross border corridor.

ICT-19-2019, Advanced 5G validation trials across multiple vertical industries

  • 5Growth: Signalling operations for level crossing environments supported by 5G technology.
  • 5G HEART: 5G empowers ambulance services.

ICT-42-2020, 5G Core Technologies innovation

  • FUDGE-5G: NPN PPDR trials.

ICT-41-2020, 5G innovations for verticals with third party services

  • 5G-INDUCE: Industrial machine control and human interaction services.
  • Smart5Grid: Remote inspection of automatically delimited working areas at distribution substations.
  • VITAL-5G: 5G connectivity and data-enabled assisted navigation using IoT sensing and video cameras.

Each of the chosen projects has generated a 2-page flyer outlining the respective Trial & Pilot. These flyers encompass an overview of the Trial & Pilot, its network architecture, deployment aspects, significant outcomes, and the key attributes to 5G technology. They emphasise the benefits and value delivered by 5G networks, which earlier generations cannot offer, illustrating their 5G empowerment.

Clearly, this document demonstrates that the majority of these Trials & Pilots have a significant social impact. They either validate a service that can be monetised or/and introduce a unique disruptive innovation in applications or services.

A bird’s eye view of the progress and achievements that the 5G Infrastructure PPP Programme has produced can be directly accessed in the PPP verticals cartography, through specific White Papers and via the multiple webinars organized by the 5G PPP at the programme and projects levels.

Given the vast amount of work being carried out by the portfolio of 5G Infrastructure PPP projects, this Trials & Pilots brochure n°4 is mainly one sample of recent progress. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as we did while putting it together – Download Trials and Pilots Brochure Nr.4 here

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