SB, TB Review of the 5G PPP

5G PPP in Review (click to download)

The formation of the 5th Generation Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) in 2014, as part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, set in motion what will be ten years of research into 5G Mobile Telecoms. The work of the projects, working groups and governance structure of 5G PPP has driven forward the European contribution to the development, standardisation and commercial launch of 5G technology.

Now, by revisiting the categories of objectives identified in the original arrangement, the progress made by 5G PPP can be reflected upon in regard to the original goals. The achievements described in the
following sections are just a small sample of the overall strides forward made by the projects during 5G PPP’s duration. A full view of the progress made can be gathered by reading documents produced
during the programme, including the annual Progress Monitoring Reports (PMRs), the regularly published ‘Golden Nuggets’, the ‘Trials & Pilots’ brochures, the European 5G Annual Journals, and
the many working group white papers. Individual projects’ have also recorded many of their major advancements under the ‘Key Achievements’ documented on the 5G PPP web site.

This paper, prepared by the 5G-PPP Steering Board and Technology Board – with a little help from some friends –  documents the 5G PPP approach, captures a summary of the delivered work and major achievements, assesses its effectiveness, and looks ahead to how the progress made by 5G PPP can be built upon by the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS-JU), and more broadly through Horizon Europe

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