India’s Bharat 6G Alliance and 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association (6G-IA) Announce Memorandum of Understanding


Press Release, June 24, 2024


NEW DELHI/BRUSSELS — The Bharat 6G Alliance and 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association (6G-IA) today announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 22nd March 2024 to explore collaboration opportunities on Vision for 6G, Requirements on 6G, architecture and use cases, identification of common interests, building of consensus and collaboration to support development of globally harmonised standards for Beyond 5G and 6G and promoting cooperation among European and Indian R&D organizations and industries.

The work will encompass aligning research and development priorities that support a common 6G vision and creating secure and trusted telecommunications as well as resilient supply chains.

The Bharat 6G Alliance is an initiative of Indian industry, academia, national research institutions, and standard organisations. Its purpose is aligned with the Bharat 6G Mission of the Government to design, develop and deploy technology and innovations that provide an intelligent and secure solution for high-quality living experience of citizens in India and across the world. Bharat 6G Alliance, inter alia, aims to promote the ecosystem for research, design, development, IPR creation, field testing, security, certification and manufacturing of telecom products and solutions. The B6GA ensures that India takes its rightful place in the world of leading purpose driven, and affordable modern telecom technologies, and solutions that contribute to the global good.

The 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association (6G-IA) is the voice of European Industry and Research for next generation networks and services. Its primary objective is to contribute to Europe’s leadership on beyond 5G and 6G research and to full 5G deployment according to the 5G Action Plan. The 6G-IA carries out a wide range of activities in strategic areas including standardization, frequency spectrum, R&D projects, technology skills, collaboration with key vertical industry sectors, notably for the development of trials, and international cooperation.

The MoU between the two organizations was signed by the Chairperson of Bharat 6G Alliance, Mr. N. G. Subramaniam, and the Chairperson of the 6G-IA, Dr. Colin Willcock.

“Bharat 6G Vision envisages further digital empowerment of an inclusive society at large with ubiquitous coverage and sustainability as its core to improve the quality of life for the common man. It is the mission of Bharat 6G Alliance to bring about such empowerment using 6G wireless technology and enabled applications. The Bharat 6G Alliance is working towards building a network of like-minded organizations across the globe to advance the agenda of open and collaborative research amongst nations, dedicating resources to contribute to global standards and developing products meeting those exacting standards. We already have a MoU with NextG Alliance of USA and this MoU with 6G-IA of European Union with shared objectives will further enable development of secure and trusted telecommunication technology including resilient supply chains. The MoU with 6G-IA is an important step in this direction.” said N. G. Subramaniam, Chairperson of Bharat 6G Alliance.

“The 6G-IA believes that 6G technology needs to be built by collaboration to ensure we develop one global standard that will serve the world. This MoU with Bharat 6G Alliance is an important step on this journey linking 6G research activities in Europe with 6G research in India” said Colin Willcock, Chairperson of the 6G-IA.



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