10th Global 5G Event & 6G Global Events

The global 5G event serves as a significant platform for sharing the latest trends in 5G achievements and discussing various topics related to mobile communication, global unified B5G technology standards, and industrial ecosystems. The event also covered discussions on 6G issues, in addition to 5G.

The 10th issue was held in South Korea, on October 30 and 31, 2023. Over the course of one and half days, six sessions were conducted, focusing on Regional Policies for 5G/6G, 5G Business Model and Monetization, Evolution of 5G device and solutions, 5G+6G-Evolution of 5G Network towards 6G, Future service, technology, and socio-economic trends for 6G. A total of 29 invited speakers delivered excellent presentations during these sessions. Furthermore, a special session on 5G specialized Network and applications in Korea was organized by KT, LG Electronics, and ETRI.

Europe was represented by pre-recoded video presentations from Peter Stuckmann, DG CNECT, Emanuel Dotaro and Hanne-Stine Hallingby, SNS OPS and Alex Kaloxylos, 6G-IA with physical presence.

Discover slides and videos here.

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