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SELFNET will have a demo booth, will organize three different workshops. Additionaly the 5G PPP project submitted three papers.

Demo booth

SELFNET presents a framework for self-organized 5G network management through virtualized and software-defined networks. This is achieved by continuous monitoring and automated deployment of network management tools and functions. Thereby it will help to lower operational costs, improve the Quality of Experience and reduce service creation and deployment time. These functionalities will be showcased in three use-cases. SELF-PROTECTION detect and mitigate effects of cyber-attacks with virtualized deep packet inspection tools and personalized honey nets. SELF-HEALING detect and predict common failures / malfunctioning in 5G network infrastructure and will be able to apply, based on Health of Network metrics, reactive or preventive recovery actions. SELF-OPTIMIZATON automatically respond to degradation of QoE level coupled with proactive end-to-end energy management for optimized resource deployment across the 5G network.


-Cognet & SELFNET: “2nd Network Management Quality of Service and Security for 5G Networks”. The work of the 5G PPP Working Group on Network Management, Quality of Service and Security will be presented. The reason for the workshop is to show case the work of the Network Management, Quality of Service and Security Working Group of the EU 5G PPP and also to present the newly developed whitepaper on these same topics as developed the projects involved in the Working Group. The workshop will bring together the various contributing projects within the 5G PPP that are involved in this working group and also interested parties (projects and/or organisations) which have a common interest in the development and progression of Network Management, Security of Network Management, Quality of Service, NFV/SDN, Network Management in the vertical industries.

-SNW WG: “Software Networks and 5G: from network programmability to SDN/NFV combination for effective network slicing.”

-5G PPP Security WG and 5G Ensure:“5G Security: Phase 1 landscape and foreseen evolutions”



-Manuel Gil Perez, Alberto Huertas Celdran, Gregorio Martınez Perez, Giacomo Bernini, Pietro G. Giardina, Jose M. Alcaraz Calero, Qi Wang, Konstantinos Koutsopoulos, and Pedro Neves,
“Keeping an Eye on Botnets in 5G Networks: Detection and Mitigation by NFV and SDN Apps”,
2nd Worskshop on Network Management, Quality of Service and Security for 5G Networks, EUCNC 2017, Oulu, Finland

-Konstantinos Koutsopoulos, John Vavourakis, Pedro Neves, Giacomo Bernini, Giada Landi, Nicola Ciulli, Jose M. Alcaraz Calero, Qi Wang, Manuel Gil Pérez, Gregorio Martinez Perez,
“SDN Orchestrator: a Unified Approach for Abstracting SDN Applications Ecosystem”,
2nd Worskshop on Network Management, Quality of Service and Security for 5G Networks, EUCNC 2017, Oulu, Finland

-Wei Jiang, Mathias Strufe, Hans D. Schotten,
“Intelligent Network Management for 5G Systems: The SELFNET Approach”,
Networking, EUCNC 2017, Oulu, Finland

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