The Smart Connectivity DIH Network has mainly worked on the following issues:

1/ SCoDIHNet was jointly setup by the 5G-IA and AIOTI. It is attached to the AIOTI Innovation WG since the beginning. Recently, it has been proposed to the 6G-IA board to attach SCoDIHNet to the Trial WG. A presentation of SCoDIHNet has been done at the Trial WG plenary meeting which took place on the 4th September. This was a first step to inform and attract 6G-IA members to cooperate with DIHs.



2/ The activities conducted to enhance cooperation with other DIH thematic sub-networks are still going on. A meeting took place on 19 September in order to share the first outputs of the work made during the summer break. The key outputs are the following:

  • Proposal to create a new association (European Innovation Hub) that will allow all existing sub-networks to continue to operate under the same umbrella. The members of the respective sub-networks will pay a single fee to the association to become part of all the sub-networks operating under the EIH. The EIH will provide the admin and other necessary common services which are necessary for the smooth operations and growth of the sub-networks. This also includes resources for organizing online meetings, repositories, mailing lists, etc.
  • Alignment of the services offered by each existing thematic sub-networks is going on.  It happens that most of these sub-networks are providing similar services, however each sub-networks have specific strengths in one or the other services and could become a referent for the other sub-network.
  • The relation with each of these sub-networks with corresponding partnerships is now completed and will contribute to better cooperations to cover all digital domains

3/ A white paper collecting DIH operational issues and providing possible solutions will be released soon. A very first draft document has been designed and shared among SCoDIHNet members in order to get feedback. It will become a living document where members can share new issues and question the community to get possible solutions.

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