The Smart Connectivity DIH Network has mainly worked on the following topics:

1/ Following a new meeting with other DIH Thematic Sub-Networks which focussed on the service offer harmonisation, it has been decided to designate a referent/champion for each service category (Ecosystem, Business, Technology, Skills & education and Other services). Each Referent/Champion will have to provide a harmonised description of the services offered in the Service category with the other Thematic Sub-Network.

2/ At the October meeting, it was decided to initiate a new catalogue encompassing use cases/solutions developed for end users (SMEs) by SCoDIHNet members. With such a catalogue, any DIH could see if a specific use case developed could be inline with a specific request from end users. This catalogue will complement the replicability catalogue and will help to accelerate the digitalisation of the European Industry.

3/ Organisation of an Event (5th October – Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) to strengthen knowledge exchange with the SNS community and collaboration) in the context of the SNS-OPS project having the objective to put in contact DIH and technology providers (6G-IA members). More than 100 participants were registered, a report has been published as well as the video record of the session.

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