Post-event report of the 5G-ENSURE 1st workshop on Security standardisation

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The one-day international workshop hosted by 5G-ENSURE provided a successful forum for sharing technical and business insights into 5G security emerging from preliminary findings. It was also an opportunity to exchange European perspectives on security work and related standardisation actions within the project.

These discussions are helping to chart a course for coordinated work on 5G security with the involvement of 5G PPP projects, standards groups, international initiatives, and the 5G PPP Security Work Group.

The outcome of this workshop is a list of key recommendations to help drive a future 5G-connected digital society based on a secure-by-design approach, where security is an integral component of the architecture design:

  • It is important to associate a value to security and privacy and define the right balance from a social perspective to ensure that security does not come at the expense of privacy. Minimum security is not always a bad choice and several security levels should be defined to support a wide range of scenarios.
  • Privacy is a very challenging topic in the coming years.
  • Accounting is the important factor missing in AAA solutions for 5G. Access management is also very challenging for the future.
  • Security aspects in bringing DevOps operations to the ecosystem should be investigated further to understand the impact on potential threats to 5G networks.
  • Liability is one of the most important factors and more work should be done to connect the legal and technical aspects and find the best solution to transfer the outcome into the legislation framework.
  • It is important to define a-priori the minimum level of security and minimum and maximum tolerable level of trusted infrastructure that 5G network needs to deliver in order to implement a single access of digital services without compromising the security against attacks and with no impact on the freedom of users.
  • 3GPP and ETSI have been confirmed as the most relevant standards bodies for security aspects of 5G.

5G-ENSURE has collected all insights and key discussion points in a short post-event report.


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