mmMAGIC project unleashes massive channel measurement campaign to support accelerated 5G standardisation plan

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In support of accelerated 5G standardization plan, which is expected to kick off this March at 3GPP, the mmMAGIC project has unleashed its highly ambitious measurement campaigns across 5 European countries aiming at developing a unified channel model for the frequencies in the 6-100 GHz range. Co-funded by the EC’s Horizon 2020 5G PPP Program the mmMAGIC project brings together 19 industrial and academic partners.

mmMAGIC measurement campaigns for the range 6-100 GHz


Source: mmMAGIC

Over sixty measurement campaigns in more than eight frequency bands from 6 to 100 GHz are currently under way by seven mmMAGIC partners, Aalto University (FI), CEA-Leti (FR), Ericsson (SE), Fraunhofer HHI (DE), Orange (FR), University of Bristol (UK) and Rohde & Schwarz (DE). The campaigns involve channel sounder setups with multi-frequency (up to four bands in parallel) ultra-wideband capabilities (up to 4 GHz bandwidth) and mechanically steerable antenna arrays. They are being performed by mmMAGIC partners at diverse locations including street canyons, airport, indoor and outdoor urban environments. The measurement data from Europe is further being complemented by ray tracing and measurements data performed in South Korea by Samsung and also by existing data from the state-of-the-art measurement activities. The massive amount of measurement data generated will be complimented by map-based simulations using ray tracing and point cloud models in order to develop mmMAGIC’s initial channel model over the entire range of the parameter space and the 6-100 GHz frequency range, which will be published in March 2016. Some of the results from these measurement campaigns are already being presented by project partners in 3GPP.

Please click here for mmMAGIC White Paper: 6-100 GHz Channel Modelling for 5G, with additional details.

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