Metro-Haul lights the way to 5G optical networking at ECOC 2018

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ECOC 2018  23-27 September 2018 (Rome, Italy). The EU-funded Metro-Haul project is again making waves, in every sense, at ECOC 2018 – the leading European conference on optical communication. After hugely successful participation at OFC 2018 (see our blog: “Metro-Haul Impact at OFC 2018”, the Metro-Haul team is furthering its research and industry leadership with eighteen contributions this week at ECOC 2018. These contributions will be demonstrating Metro-Haul 5G innovation across a variety of optical technology areas, including signal amplification, filterless optics, PON control planes, machine learning and network telemetry, unified resource modeling, and control architectures for optical SDN and NFV.

“Metro-Haul celebrated its first-year milestone this summer and has already been established as a leading innovator for the application of optical infrastructure. ECOC 2018 will allow us to demonstrate our vision and practical steps for 5G network operation and service delivery,” said Dimitra Simeonidou, a Metro-Haul member and Director, Smart Internet Lab, University of Bristol.

5G is changing the way we are using the Internet, facilitating new applications that require low-latency communication and high bandwidth, coupled with mobile edge computing and storage. ECOC allows Metro-Haul thought-leaders and experts to share their innovations, demonstrate the cooperative technologies, and actively discuss how academic innovation and industry collaboration is shaping the 5G landscape. Metro-Haul is a consortium of 21 European companies and research institutions awarded €7.7 million in 2017 by the European Commission to fund ambitious research into the application of scalable optical networks to future 5G wireless technology and services. The objective of the Metro-Haul project is to architect and design cost-effective, energy-efficient, agile, and programmable metro networks that are scalable for 5G access supporting next generation Internet services, while capable of fulfilling future requirements.

Please come and ask more about the Metro-Haul project at ECOC – all the partners would be very happy to talk about it in more detail. For details of the program, please refer ECOC event calendar page .

The Metro-Haul and ECOC social media will be in full voice during the event – please keep hashtagging your posts with #METROHAUL @METROHAUL, #ECOC2018 @ECOC_Exhibition on Twitter!

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