IoRL (Internet of Radio Light) project launch

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Issy les Mx, France, July 11st, 2017 – The IoRL 5G PPP phase 2 project is coming to Issy les Moulineaux, France.

Behind the IoRL acronym (standing for Internet of Radio Light) hides an ambitious project. Twenty European, Israeli and Chinese partners will develop a new wireless network over the next three years.

The goal of IoRL is to go further than WiFi, which suffers from problems of congestion, interference, security and restrictions inside buildings. From Li-Fi, a communication system using light, one could navigate with a throughput of more than 10 Gbps, even more than the fiber optics, inside the buildings.

This system consumes ten times less energy to operate with increased safety and a localization accuracy of less than 10cm. Issy-les-Moulineaux knows this technology as, since the end of 2015, a first version of the Li-Fi has been used at the French Museum of the Playing Card as part of temporary exhibitions. Specially-equipped tablets are lent to visitors and contextualized information is automatically triggered in front of a panel by means of an LED bulb located on the ceiling.

But the Li-Fi is still limited and the IoRL project needs to improve it by developing a “remote radio head 5G”. It can be easily installed with a networking and management API allowing third-party application developers to develop innovative services for homes, businesses and public buildings in an open source environment.

The IoRL project will also contribute to establish a global standard for the International Telecommunication Union. This is one of the Horizon 2020 projects launched within the framework of the Public Private Partnership on 5G infrastructures between the European Commission, Industry and biggest research centres to determine the standards of the future 5G. All major industrial partners are investing in this new standard, which could constitute to another great wave of the Digital Revolution and which should arrive from 2020 onwards.

Twenty partners to make it happen

About IoRL 5G PPP phase 2 project

The Internet of Radio Light project (IoRL) is therefore a very ambitious research project coordinated by Eurescom (Germany) involving 20 partners, including large schools, such as ISEP, the school of digital engineers whose campus is located in Issy-les- Moulineaux. But there are also prestigious universities with a world-wide reputation, as Fraunhofer, one of the most important European research centres, Brunel University in London, the Greek National Centre for Scientific Research, Demokritos, are associated.

An illustration of the importance of this project is the participation of important bodies from Israel, such as the Holon Institute of TechnologyMostlytek and RunEL, and China, with four organizations including Tsinghua University in Beijing. This participation is the result of a cooperation agreement signed between the European Union and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.

Among the companies, two French ones, Oledcomm, a reference in the Lifi, and Viotech, specialized in intelligent houses.

Four project scenarios were identified for different types of buildings: individual houses in London, a subway station in Madrid, cultural facilities in Issy-les-Moulineaux and a shopping centre in China.

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