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      Note: For Q1-Q4, the answers will be used to identify a prioritised list of the top 5 topics as identified by the 6G-IA members.

      This strand calls for 2024 solutions that may have been investigated in the 2022 call, but now target a higher TRL and/or specific standardization opportunities.

      a. 6G system architecture structure and enablers covering simplification, sustainability, energy-efficiency, robustness and security.
      b. Technologies for scaling inter-compute systems in dynamic multi-tenant environments.
      c. New Data Transfer Paradigms, including enhanced data plane techniques with deep Edge integration.
      d. Network exposure to vertical application developer.
      e. Native integration of AI for telecommunications, including edge cloud continuum.
      f. Pervasive Resilient Autonomic Control in Virtualised Systems.
      g. Integrated and dependable sensing & actuation networks.
      h. Deterministic Networking.
      e. 6G Broadcasting (TBC, this topic is not on the previous versions, so I would probably wait for this as an add-on from consultation)
      j. Digital network twinning applied in 6G.

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