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5G PPP projects @EuCNC 2017 “5G: European Roadmap, Global Impact”

June 11, 2017 - June 15, 2017

5G PPP projects will actively be promoting their activities at EuCNC 2017 in Oulu, Finland (June 12-15, 2017).

-FANTASTIC-5G, FLEX5GWARE and SPEED-5G will jointly organise the “2nd 5G PPP Workshop on 5G Physical Layer Design and Hardware Aspects Below and Above 6 GHz” on June 12th. The scope of this workshop is to find the major conclusions and results of the FANTASTIC-5G, SPEED-5G and Flex5GWare projects on the design of the new 5G air interface below 6 GHz account that supports all such application constraints. This will specifically include the specific findings regarding 5G new waveforms, flexible air interface for the 5G vertical market, coexistence issues, flexible and adaptive novel MAC design, and a much more dynamic management of the available spectrum resources and advanced sensing techniques. In addition, the workshop will present enabling technology solutions for massive machine-type communication, ultra-reliable communications as well as interference mitigation with FDD and TDD providing 7-10x higher spectral efficiency over LTE 4×4 outcome. Eventually, the workshop will highlight implementation issues of the new 5G air interface for bands below and above 6 GHz, which will pose stringent requirements on the hardware platforms. For this reason, an important topic in this workshop is related to new concepts and solutions for highly performant, energy efficient and flexible hardware (both analogue and digital) in 5G networks.

-CHARISMA, SESAME, COHERENT, VIRTUWIND, 5G-NORMA, 5GEx, SPEED-5G,SELFNET and mmMAGIC projects are co-organising the “Workshop on Business Models and techno-economic analysis for 5G networks” on June 12th. The workshop will focus on relevant business- and techno-economic-aspects of future 5G networks. It will provide insight on the business impacts and opportunities from the deployment of 5G networks for all actors in the telecommunications ecosystem such as verticals, incumbent and new operators, service providers, application developers, content providers, regulators, equipment manufacturers etc. The potential for new roles such as brokers, aggregators and marketplaces, will also be discussed.

-SONATA will participate in a workshop organised under the umbrella of the Software Network Working Group of the 5G PPP. The name of this full-day workshop is Software Networks and 5G: from network programmability to SDN/NFV combination for effective network slicing, and will take place on Monday, June 12th. The Software Networks Working Group workshop will consist of a series of short and dynamic presentations with concrete technical outcomes of phase 1 5G PPP projects. The objective is to enable the liaison between projects and at the same time externalising the results of these projects to the research community for constructive feedback and interaction. The participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, share hands-on experience and solutions and discuss research results.

-5G-CROSSHAUL and 5G-XHAUL are co-organising (with iCIRRUS) a Workshop on “New XHaul solutions for the 5G transport challenge” on June 12th.

-The Software Network Working Group (SONATA, 5GEx, 5G-CROSSHAUL,SUPERFLUIDITY, CHARISMA, SESAME, SELFNET, VIRTUWIND, COHERENT) is organising a Workshop on “Software Networks and 5G: from network programmability to SDN/NFV combination for effective network slicing” on June 12th.

-SESAME, COHERENT, 5G-XHAUL and CHARISMA are preparing a Special Session on ”Development of a Cloud-enabled “Small Cell as a Service” concept, for Multi-Tenancy and Edge Services in the 5G Framework.”

-FLEX5GWare and mmMAGIC, with 5G-Champion, 5G-MiEdge are working on a Workshop on “Prototyping the 5th Generation Cellular Wireless Technology”.

-mmMAGIC is organising a Workshop on “Millimetre-wave technology for 5G access, fronthaul and backhaul”.

-EURO-5G will give information on phase 2 projects.

-5G-ENSURE organises a workshop on 5G Security on June 12th with the Security WG.

-COGNET and SELFNET are organising the “2nd Network Management, Quality of Service and Security for 5G Networks” where the work of the 5G PPP Working Group on Network Management, Quality of Service and Security will be presented. The reason for the workshop is to show case the work of the Network Management, Quality of Service and Security Working Group of the EU 5GPPP and also to present the newly developed whitepaper on these same topics as developed the projects involved in the Working Group. The workshop will bring together the various contributing projects within the 5GPPP that are involved in this working group and also interested parties (projects and/or organisations) which have a common interest in the development and progression of Network Management, Security of Network Management, Quality of Service, NFV/SDN, Network Management in the vertical industries.

There willl be a SME booth with 8 SMEs. Most of projects will also have a demo booth. For instance, SELFNET will present a framework for self-organized 5G network management through virtualized and software-defined networks. This is achieved by continuous monitoring and automated deployment of network management tools and functions. Thereby it will help to lower operational costs, improve the Quality of Experience and reduce service creation and deployment time. These functionalities will be showcased in three use-cases. SELF-PROTECTION detect and mitigate effects of cyber-attacks with virtualized deep packet inspection tools and personalized honey nets. SELF-HEALING detect and predict common failures / malfunctioning in 5G network infrastructure and will be able to apply, based on Health of Network metrics, reactive or preventive recovery actions. SELF-OPTIMIZATON automatically respond to degradation of QoE level coupled with proactive end-to-end energy management for optimized resource deployment across the 5G network.



Save the date!

EuCNC’2017 is the 26th edition of a successful series of a technical conference in the field of telecommunications, sponsored by the European Commission. The event will be organized in Oulu, Finland. It targets to bring together researchers from all over the world to present the latest research results, and it is one of the main venues for showcasing (demonstrating, trialling) the results of research projects, especially, from successive European R&D programmes cofinanced by the European Commission.

The conference program will include:

-Regular oral sessions, with papers from the open call (to be submitted for uploading to IEEE Xplore),
-Special sessions, with papers on specific topics,
-Workshops, with papers and presentations on specific topics,
-Poster sessions, with papers from the open call addressing latest results,
-Demos and exhibitions.

Key dates:
Submission of Papers, proposals for Workshops, tutorials and Special Sessions: February 24th, 2017
Notification of acceptance of workshops, Special Sessions and Tutorials:  March 17th, 2017
Registration of authors (Papers in Regular Sessions, Special Sessions, Poster Sessions, and Workshops): April 21st, 2017

Stay tuned here!



June 11, 2017
June 15, 2017
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