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5G PPP Global5G.org Health session @IEEE 5G Summit (18 September 2017, Helsinki)

September 18, 2017 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm CEST

Global5G.org is organising its first 5G Health Session during the IEEE 5G Summit on 18 September 2017, as part of the Helsinki5GWeek. An exceptional line-up of experts from the health Industry, Telecom and Standardisation areas will shed light on the challenging theme “The Road to 5G and Standardisation for new Health and Care Services”.

The healthcare industry is the biggest and fastest growing industry in the world with special requirements that are fairly identical all around the globe. Despite the digital revolution being in full blast in almost every aspect of our lives and market segments, the anticipated impact in healthcare is yet to be seen. Outcomes of digital health, such as improved patient engagement, connected care, unobtrusive monitoring and assisted living for people with chronic conditions, independent and active ageing, have not yet gone mainstream.

Can 5G be a disruptive changer? The advent of seamless connectivity, smartphones and mobile apps, cloud services and smart connected devices can enable distributed, patient-centred delivery at multiple points of care, individualised health information and the ability to track patient health metrics powered by data analytics with unprecedented value. All of this will create new avenues in personalised care, early diagnosis and smart hospitalisation logistics. Increased accessibility to data will enable optimisation in intervention planning (for instance in transplant scenarios), lead to greater transparency, and improve overall patient engagement with healthcare providers. This hyper connected scenario, however, introduces a whole set of ethical issues involving security, privacy and safety aspects which must be systematically addressed.

The Global5G.org session brings together a group of sector-specific and standards experts to identify the opportunities 5G can bring to new healthcare models. Experts will zoom-in on the emerging 5G/IoT technologies, with special emphasis on the impact of 5G on IEEE standard protocols and frameworks. They will also discuss the potential for the seamless flow of health, medical and fitness data within health and care services.

The leading international association, Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance), will offer insights into their priority actions and drivers. The author of Health 4.0 will give key insights into realising major benefits through the transformation of healthcare. Industry and academia will share their approaches to research and innovation as efforts increase to realise the full potential of health and care services with unprecedented benefits for society.

This Global5G.org event will be a first step towards defining:

-Benefits of emerging 5G/IoT technologies for the healthcare system.
-Global and national Initiatives, Testbeds and Trials.
-Standardisation with a special focus on IEEE: existing frameworks and gap analysis.
-Ethical and regulatory challenges, safety, security, confidentiality and privacy.


Click here for further details. Take a look at the full IEEE 5G Summit agenda.




September 18, 2017
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm CEST
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