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5G PPP @Berlin 5G Week’17

November 6, 2017 - November 10, 2017

Based on the big success of the previous edition in 2016 the Berlin 5G Week’17 (6-10 November 2017) will deal with 5G hot topics, such as software-defined networks, network virtualization, network slicing for 5G verticals, Industrial Internet/IoT, 5G multi-access network support, and 5G testbeds and most recent technology PoCs.  Three of the most solid events related to software-based networks and 5G technologies are scheduled during the week 3rd IEEE NFV-SDN Conference (6-8 November 2017), Industrial IoT Forum (8 November 2017) and the 8th FOKUS FUSECO FORUM (9-10 November 2017).

  • 5G PPP phase 2 projects MATILDA and 5GTANGO co-organise the 4th Workshop on Network Function Virtualization and Programmable Networks (NFVPN) in conjunction with the 3rd IEEE NFV-SDN conference.  Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following areas:

-Management and orchestration of NFV and SDN elements

-NFV-SDN deployment cases across vertical sectors

-Virtualization of resources, services and functions in SDN and NFV

-Network Slicing

-Efficient deployment of Service Function Chains (SFCs)

-Management of federated SDN/NFV infrastructures

-Dynamic migration of network functions in NFV-based systems

-Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment paradigms

-VNF sandboxing, verification, characterisation

-Virtualization of radio network functions

-SDN/NFV management in 5G scenarios

-Monitoring of SDN/NFV infrastructures

-Efficient deployment of Service Function Chains (SFCs)

-Management of telco cloud computing infrastructures

-Network Edge and it’s role in 5G use Cases

-Emergency Communication in the 5G Scenarios

Workshop Chairs: Ioannis Giannoulakis, NCSRD Greece – Evangelos Markakis, TEIC Greece – Josep Martrat, ATOS Spain – George Xilouris, NCSR Demokritos Greece – Anastasios Zafeiropoulos, UBITECH Greece – Carlos Jesus Bernardos Cano, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Spain.

The 4th Workshop on NFVPN takes place at Fraunhofer-Forum, Anna-Louisa Karsch Strasse 2, 10178 Berlin, Germany.

  • 5G PPP phase 1 projects SONATA and 5GEx jointly organise the third IEEE Workshop on Orchestration for Software-Defined Infrastructures (O4SDI) with 5G PPP phase 2 project 5G-T. It addresses the challenges that will facilitate orchestration and programmability of generalized virtual functions in Software Defined Infrastructures (SDI), enabling cloud and network providers to deploy integrated services across different resource domains. Orchestration mechanisms will facilitate the live deployment and lifecycle management of these virtual elements, at the application level, the server level, and the network level within a single domain and across multiple domains. Without such orchestration it will not be possible to enable dynamic establishment of generalized virtual functions chains, according to service requirements. These challenges of orchestration are many-fold, with many open questions that need to be addressed in the areas of:

-Network “softwarization,” which requires unified management of computing, storage, and network resources for the effective deployment, lifecycle management, and run-time configuration of generalized virtual functions

-Abstraction models and open standard interfaces, needed for assuring vendor interoperability

-Adaptation and optimization mechanisms, which must be enforced at global and/or local level for coping with user demand, application requirements, resource unavailability, etc.

Workshop chairs: Stuart Clayman, University College London, UK -Walter Cerroni, University of Bologna, Italy – Barbara Martini, CNIT, Pisa, Italy – Federica Paganelli, CNIT, Firenze, Italy.

The 3rd IEEE Workshop in O4SDI takes place at Fraunhofer-Forum, Anna-Louisa Karsch Strasse 2, 10178 Berlin, Germany.

  • In addition, 5G-IA was asked to give a talk on 5G testbeds.



November 6, 2017
November 10, 2017


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