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CHARISMA 5GPPP project has just released its roadmapping brochure. It highlights factors that will affect 5G networks market adoption and evolution.

5G networks are expected to offer advanced services and functionalities that can be launched in an efficient and cost-effective manner leading to new market opportunities and players. Moreover, 5G networking will support vertical markets such as automotive, energy, media and entertainment e.t.c by providing specialized solutions. Thus, verticals use cases and requirements (low latency, high data rate, security e.t.c) have been considered with high priority and used as drivers for the design and standardization process. 5G is likely to significantly affect both social and economic terrain.
In order to achieve all the demanding requirements, 5G will be built upon heterogeneous systems using several technologies. Recent advances in cloud computing, edge computing, Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) will facilitate this endeavor.
It is then evident that such a business venture is quite risky due to the high number of unknowns. Thus, a better understanding of the many issues surrounding the 5G business landscape is required through a roadmapping exercise.

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