The 6G IA General assembly was held on the 14/12/2023 via electronic means of communication (Webinar) where many important points were discussed, decisions were made and some important follow-on actions were set in motion:


  • Amendments to the 6G-IA Statutes (presentation slides)
  • Membership Fees for 2024 & 6G-IA News and Updates.  (presentation slides)
    • Decision on Membership Fees 2024 was made subject to the formal decision on the revised Statutes
  • Presentation of the SNS JU Office by Erzsébet Fitori, Executive Director of the SNS JU. (presentation slides)
  • Keynote speech by Prof Mischa Dohler, VP Emerging Technologies at Ericsson Inc.  Silicon Valley,
  • AOB/Close of meeting




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