5G PPP Security Work Group outcomes

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The 5G PPP Security Work Group has been created by the 5G-ENSURE project as a forum for discussion among the projects within the first phase of the 5G PPP interested in 5G Security aspects.

5G-NORMA, SPEED-5G, 5GEX, CHARISMA, SELFNET, COGNET, SESAME, VIRTUWIND attended the 1st Face-to-Face Meeting on 27 June 2016 during EuCNC in Athens.

The goal of the WG is to drive the 5G Security Vision by working in a coordinated and complementary manner to support a common security architecture able to address the key security areas for 5G. After just a few months since the launch of the Security WG, the projects involved have made important contributions through a collaborative approach, providing inputs for the 5G-ENSURE open consultation on 5G security standardisation, widely promoted by the project in spring 2016.

5G-ENSURE has shared its preliminary research results with the members of Security WG to encourage re-use and an exchange of new expertise in the drive towards a resilient and secure 5G landscape.

The outcome of the meeting in Athens is a set of concrete actions towards a 5G PPP Security Whitepaper at the end of 2016 as a key output for the European public private partnership. The next steps will be to elaborate good practices and recommendations that 5G PPP projects can implement.

Participation of representatives from the 5G PPP Technology Board, Didier Arnaud Bourse and Diego Lopez Garcia, and EC Programme Officer, Pavlos Fournogerakis is a clear sign of the recognition this WG has within the EU’s 5G programme.

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