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Phase 2 Pre-structuring Model version 2 just released !!

The Pre-structuring Model version 2.0 (final version) has been released by the 5G Infrastructure Association on 04.03.16. The version 2.0 has been elaborated on the basis of the version 1.0 released on 02.11.15, considering the feedbacks received through the public consultation and the first EC Info Day organized on 21.01.16 in Brussels. The 5G Infrastructure Association members enriched the Model and further elaborated the definition of the different Targeted Actions (TAs) and their positioning in the context of the PPP programme (Phase 1 experience and running projects state-of-the-art, 5G global standardization roadmap, cross-projects interworking (Clause 41.4) and Phase 1 Working Groups, potential TAs interfaces…).

The Model version 2.0 will be presented and discussed in the context of the forthcoming EC Info Days (17.03.16 in Bologna, 18.05.16 in Warsaw and 01.07.16 in Athens). The PPP Phase 2 Brokerage Platform will be available in April 2016. This Platform will facilitate connections between proposals under preparation and organizations expressing interest in participating to proposals.

Targeting a successful and coherent PPP Phase 2 research programme and building on PPP Phase 1 experience, the 5G Infrastructure Association members have developed this Phase 2 Pre-structuring Model. The goal is to ensure that the forthcoming set of projects (portfolio) will cleverly work together in Phase 2, between Phase 2 and Phase 1 and later on between Phase 2 and Phases 3. The Model is focused on Phase 2 projects portfolio and related projects, not on proposals, and is building on the EC Work Programme (Strategic Objectives and related Strands). The Model is defining the set of Phase 2 Targeted Actions (TAs) addressing their related Rationale, Objective, Scope and Expected Impact. The Model version 2.0 released by the 5G Infrastructure Association members on 11.03.15  addresses:

  • ICT-07-2017: 5G PPP Research and Validation of critical technologies and systems:
    • RIA Strand 1: Wireless Access and Radio Network Architectures/Technologies.
    • RIA Strand 2: High Capacity Elastic – Optical Networks.
    • RIA Strand 3: Software Networks.
    • CSA.
  • ICT-08-2017: 5G PPP Convergent Technologies:
    • IA Strand 1: Ubiquitous 5G Access Leveraging Optical Technologies.
    • IA Strand 2: Flexible Network Applications.
    • RIA: Cooperations in Access Convergence.
  • EUJ-01-2016: RIA 5G – Next Generation Communication Networks.
  • EUK-01-2016: RIA 5G – Next Generation Communication Networks.

The EC H2020 5G Infrastructure PPP is an ambitious programme with ambitious KPIs. The programme is organized over 3 phases, the EC funded budget target is 700 ME and the number of contractual projects will a priori range in the order of 60-100 (depending on the EC contractual funding and projects sizes in the different phases). As stated in the EC contract, the PPP programme is clearly considered to be more than a group of standalone projects working together through EC Concertation & Clusters meetings and activities. The success of the programme will be very much depending on the consecutive portfolio of projects over the phases, the capacity of these projects to interface and cooperate and their ability to jointly impact beyond their individual impact.

The Phase 2 Pre-structuring Model version 2 can be downloaded here: 160304_5G-Infra-PPP_Phase2-Pre-structuring Model_v2.0
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