5G Infrastructure Association (5G-IA): a step forward with new governance

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The 5G-IA highlights its key role and new team to ensure European leadership in 5G global development and harmonization


BRUSSELS May 17th, 2017 –  The 5G-Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP) has made a dramatic impact to European leadership in supporting European industrial 5G research and technology strategies leading notably to the launch and execution of 19 first-phase research projects. As the first phase of 5G-PPP projects draw to a close and the second phase of projects starts, the time is right to renew the governance and leadership of the 5G-PPP. In the new structure, the 5G Industry Association is the organisation representing and responsible for the private side of the 5G-PPP.

In this context, the 5G-IA has issued new statutes and renewed its Board, leading to a clarified and simpler governance. The 5G-IA formally interacts with the European Commission through a partnership Board, and closely coordinates its Policy Work Groups with the 5G Initiative Projects and Technical Work Groups. As for the Networld 2020 Experts and Task Groups, they no longer formally belong to the 5G PPP organization, however it is planned to continue actively collaborating in relevant areas.

The new leadership of the 5G-IA is as follows:

 Dr. Colin Willcock, Head of Radio Network Standardization at Nokia, is the new Chairman of the Board of the 5G-IA.

Christine Leurquin, VP Institutional Relations and Communications at SES, is the Vice-Chair of the Board of the 5G-IA, after being Acting Chair in the first months of this year.

Jean-Pierre Bienaimé is Secretary General, in charge of the overall visibility and management of the 5G-IA.

Alessandro Bedeschi is Head of Office, ensuring the operational well-functioning of the 5G-IA.

The 11 companies represented in the new Board – Orange, Telecom Italia, Telenor, SES, Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei, Thales, Nextworks, Interinnov and CTTC (Centre Tecnologic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya) – are key stakeholders from the ecosystem and membership of 5G-IA: industry, research & academics, verticals and SMEs. The nearly 70 current members of the 5G Infrastructure Association represent various industry manufacturers, telecommunications operators, service providers, vertical industries, research institutes and universities, SMEs, providers of satellite and terrestrial infrastructure, with the aim of having a constructive dialogue and jointly interfacing with the Commission in shaping the future of 5G and developing the regulatory framework to make 5G a European success. This provides a globally unique platform for ensuring European leadership on 5G and investments needed to roll out essential 5G infrastructure.

Therefore, the 5G-IA highlights its objectives and action plan:

  • ensuring a clear European voice on 5G around the world
  • reaching out to vertical industry sectors (“verticals”) and ensuring the EU’s support/enforcement of the required policies and regulations to embrace 5G in the various vertical sectors in Europe
  • Steering the 5G PPP programme implementation through cross project cooperation in Europe, and targeting in a consistent way the exploitation of the 5G PPP results: phase 1 (research), phase 2 (optimization) beginning on 1st June 2017, and phase 3 (large scale trials)
  • promoting the availability of radio spectrum, as well as a holistic standardization roadmap with the aim of reaching a globally harmonized and interoperable 5G communications standard
  • defining its “5G trials roadmap strategy” for the implementation of advanced pre-commercial and pan-European trials to be launched in key sectors, promoted through European public events, with the aim of ensuring European leadership in the context of the accelerated global agenda for the introduction of 5G.

Press Contact: Alessandro Bedeschi                  Mail to: alessandro.bedeschi(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)5g-ppp.eu

About the 5G Public-Private Partnership & the 5G Infrastructure Association

The 5G Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) is the 5G collaborative research program that is organized as part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program – The European Union Program for Research and Innovation. It is aimed at fostering industry-driven research, monitored by business-related, technological performance and societal KPIs. The 5G PPP will deliver solutions, architectures, technologies and standards for ubiquitous next-generation communication infrastructure over the coming decade.

In the 5G PPP, the 5G Infrastructure Association (5G-IA) represents the private side and the European Commission the public side. The 5G-IA is committed to the advancement of 5G in Europe and to building global consensus on 5G. To this aim, the Association brings together a global industry community of telecoms & digital actors, such as operators, manufacturers, research institutes, universities, verticals and SMEs. The 5G-IA carries out a wide range of activities in strategic areas including standardization, frequency spectrum, R&D projects, technology skills, collaboration with key vertical industry sectors, notably for the development of trials, and international cooperation.

Membership applications are open, and more information is available at http://5g-ppp.eu/.

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