The current draft SNS WP is based on the list of promising 6G technologies as captured by the NetworldEurope SRIA. From the extensive list of technologies, the draft SNS WP has selected and prioritized the topics that are suitable for the first phase of the SNS Partnership.

The current version of the draft SNS Work Programme includes four highly complementary Streams which are in line with the industry roadmap, and potentially targeting a wide set of stakeholders across the value chain:

  • Stream A:      Smart communication components, systems and networks for 5G Evolution systems: Follow an evolutionary path towards the development of 6G networks. The proposed research topics are selected in such a way to create a complete system view when these are considered all together
  • Stream B:       Continuous research for radical technology advancement (in preparation for 6G and radical advancements of IoT, devices and software). Research for radical technology advancement towards 6G. Low TRL technologies that are expected to deliver in real life networks  in a mid and/or long-term time period
  • Stream C:       SNS Enablers and Proof of Concepts (PoCs), including required experimental infrastructure. These SNS experimental infrastructures to be used during the second phase of the SNS by other Streams
  • Stream D:      Large Scale SNS Trials and Pilots with Verticals, including the required infrastructure. This stream will explore and demonstrate technologies and advanced applications (e.g., Immersive communication, holographic telepresence & Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality (AR/VR),  etc.). as well as advanced services in the vertical domains (e.g. connected mobility and smart transport and logistics, media and entertainment, public safety, e-Health, smart factories, smart cities etc.).

This consultation aims at receiving the views, opinions and suggestions from the 5GIA members of Association. This is the opportunity that the private side forms its vision and content for the first phase of the SNS Partnership. 5GIA members opinions and suggestions will be a great help in forming an optimum Work Programme for the European ICT community. As a disclaimer, the version that will be finally produced will have to also be accepted by the EC as this is partnership between the EC and the 5GIA.



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