5G-ENSURE Survey: Human Trust and Network-related Threats

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5G-ENSURE has launched human trust in networks.

The survey aims to clarify how people, professional and non-professional, conceive network-related threats.

The survey starts by asking for some anonymous background information. It then goes on to collect respondent opinions about ten specific threat scenarios, such as:

  • Imagining that your geological location is followed (based on the location of your mobile device) by a burglar, planning to invade your house.
  • Imagining that your mobile device is infected with malware. For instance, you open an email attachment which looks like it was sent by a familiar person, after that the data in your device becomes encrypted. Later you are asked for money to get your data back.
  • Imagining that your operator bill is unexpectedly high because the usage of some application has resulted in high data transfer deliberately.
  • Imagining that your password is asked via mobile networks by an apparently legal party but later it turns out your money is in danger to be stolen.

The survey, which is very interesting, takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Take the survey now.

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