5G-ENSURE open consultation “What else needs to be done on 5G Security?”

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The 5G-ENSURE open consultation has been launched: “Security in 5G: where we stand today and what else needs to be done?”

The survey is primarily for representatives from 5G-related standardisation organisations, 5G industry (including SMEs), business verticals, policy makers and regulators, relevant industry associations and users of future communication networks.

This wide-ranging survey covers security priorities and market drivers, industry perspectives, regulation and legal aspects, research and standardisation efforts, and user views. There is also a dedicated section for respondents to post their expert views on “the way forward for 5G security”.

Sample of Survey Questions

  • To what extent have we identified: security requirements, security needs of vertical industries, security risks and solutions?
  • Have requirements for trust between stakeholders to manage risks been clearly identified? What about security architecture?
  • What will make 5G systems sufficiently secure? What security priority areas still require a lot of effort?
  • What impact will 5G security-enabled innovations have? For example, on business models, economic and operational aspects.
  • What influence is the 5G PPP having on security?
  • From a vertical industry perspective, what do you think are the greatest security barriers for 5G adoption? What security functions do we need? What security topics most require industry collaboration?
  • What areas should regulation and regulatory policy focus on with the highest priority?
  • How can responsibilities and liabilities in completely new ecosystems be clarified?
  • Are there any legal barriers that might hold back the deployment of 5G?
  • What role is research playing in standardisation? What are the main challenges for work on security standardisation? Are we facing any major risks in the planned time line?
  • How can Cybersecurity standards contribute to 5G adoption?

To complete the survey, please click on the link here.

All findings will remain anonymous and will be presented at our 2nd International Workshop: From Research to Standardisation, 16 June during the ETSI Security Week in Sophia Antipolis.


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