5G-Crosshaul demos, panel and keynote speeches @MWC 2017

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5G-Crosshaul is organising a panel at MWC 2017 on Tuesday February 28th, 2017  from 11:00 to 12:00 Hall 7 Stand 7C61.

Looking at various research and standardisation forums leading the development of 5G, such as 5G PPP, NGMN, 3GPPP, IEEE, ITU, IETF, ETSI, etc., all seem to align on the vision that the fronthaul and backhaul will converge or fuse in 5G into what is now popularly refreed to as Crosshaul or Xhaul. So what requirements are driving quch a fusion in 5G? Which enabling technologies could make it happen? Where are ther remaining gaps and what is the industry doing to make ot happen? And when are we going to see it?

Featuring leading experts in the industry, this panel aims at discussing the Crosshaul (Xhaul) topic from the various angles of requirements, architecture, enabling tehcnologies, standardization, and market development.

The panel will be moderated by Alan Carlton, Vice-President of International Labs at InterDigital (UK). Panelists include: Antonella Sanguineti (Ericsson), Arturo Azcorra (5TONIC), Diego Lopez (Telefonica), Li Fung Chang (Taiwan’s 5G-Office), and Theodore Sizer (Nokia).

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Feel free to attend!


If you want to know more about Crosshaul, there are additional opportunities:

-5G-Crosshaul will also demonstrate its solution over InterDigital’s EDGELINKTM platform, featuring demanding low-latency traffic from a remote surgery application at the InterDigital stand (Hall 7 Stand 7C61) from Monday 27 Feb. to Thursday 2 March.

-CTTC will show a SDN- based management of a heterogeneous wireless Crosshaul, featuring automated technology and link selection over 802.11ac/ad links  at CTTC stand (Hall 8.1 stand 8.1A63) from Monday 27 Feb. to Thursday 2 March.

-Alan Carlton (InterDigital) and Diego LOpez (Telefonica) will be keynote speakers at the “NFV: A Re-examination” session, hall 4 Auditorium 3 on Tuesday 28 Feb. 2017 from 15:30 to 16:40 featuring 5G-Crosshaul project as an exemplary use case.

-Bob Gazda (InterDigital) will be keynote speaker at the “5G Impact” session, hall 4 Auditorium 5 on Thursday 2 March 2017, from 11:30 to 13:00 featuring video demonstration of  5G-Crosshaul solution with a remote surgery application.


Contact: Alain Mourad, InterDigital, Alain.Mourad(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)InterDigital.com.

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