• Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2021-27
    European Technology Platform NetWorld2020
    “Smart Networks in the context of NGI” (September 2020)SRIA Annex – Smart Networks in the context of NGI
    As a follow up to the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, Networld2020 developed an Annex for the purpose of providing an auxiliary summary to the development of the future workprogramme for the Smart Networks and Services joint undertaking. The Annex should only be used as an auxiliary tool for the key content on the main document, but provides a snapshot on the underlying implementation ideas.
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  • Call for Membership for new ‘Smart Networks and Services’ Association As the Horizon 2020 framework programme comes to an end and the new Horizon Europe framework programme launches, the 5G IA, as the private side representative of the 5G PPP, is preparing for the evolution of the 5G activities into the Smart Networks and Services context.An ‘Open Letter’ from the Chairman of the Board of the 5G IA, with an invitation to organisations (including Associations) and enterprises to join the new initiative is available here.
  • Introduction to Smart Networks and Services by Dr. Colin Willcock (extract from Webinar organised by UK5G in partnership with DCMS and InnovateUK, delivered by KTN, on 09.04.2021)”



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