ETSI Research and Innovation Survey

The ETSI Board RISE group has the remit to optimize the flow of information and capture of innovative technology ideas between the research & innovation and Standardization communities.


We have initiated many actions to cooperate/communicate with several EC and National research funding and coordination platforms (H.2020 / H.Europe / SNS JU / 5G-PPP / 6G-IA/ NetworldEurope) and individual projects (such as HEXA-X) and several others.


Our latest initiative is to invite our research / academic members, our members working with innovative research, our Partners and others in the ICT community to complete the following ETSI  Research and Innovation Survey.


The purpose of this survey is to collect feedback from the research & innovation community in order to identify enablers and eventual barriers to bringing research results through standardization and onto global market deployments


The desired outcome is to identify where ETSI may introduce new actions, services and tools to better serve the research & innovation community and optimize the onboarding of research results from EC / National / private research activities.


The survey  

  • takes approx. 5 minutes
  • open to all,
  • will run over a period of 2 months (30th May to 1st August 2022)
  • anonymous (unless you wish to receive the summary of results of the survey)
  • will result in a short summary report, that will be available to all who have contributed
  • will result in a number of actions, designed to respond to the main areas that are identified from the survey


The link to the survey is available here >>>

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