COREnect White Paper “Passive user or innovative driver? Europe’s future role in microelectronics and connectivity”

COREnect has just published the White Paper “Passive user of innovative driver? Europe’s future role in microelectronics and connectivity”.

In this whitepaper the intention is to showcase how the mobile connectivity revolution will affect existing ecosystems and verticals, and present proposals to secure European relevance in future global ecosystems and position European wide industry and economy ideally in this coming digital revolution despite ever-growing global competitions. To make the discussion as inclusive and comprehensible as possible the automotive industry – one of the most reputed and long-standing European industry champions – is used as an exemplary case study, with the aim to exemplify how evolved software, hardware and connectivity are transforming the very core of the business.

To do this with the deepest level of competence, a selected set of questions were used in interviews with key representatives from the automotive business.


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