Connecting Europe Facility – Digital calls for proposals

The Connecting Europe Facility – Digital calls for proposals are now open and available here. Please note that the calls will close on 23rd February, 2023.

There were two information days organized on 20th September to prepare potential candidates to the Digital Global Gateways and 5G for Smart Communities calls specifically – the recordings are publicly available for you to consult in case you missed the events. The recent recording of the  Info Day organised by the implementing agency HaDEA is also available here. For a partner search you may use: Funding & tenders (, you can go to “How to participate”/ partner search.

The call text and everything else available here: 5G for Smart Communities – Call for proposals now open | Shaping Europe’s digital future (

To keep up to date on the 5G for Smart Communities action, any 5G-related events and opportunities, and to ask your questions, make sure you join our Investments in 5G connectivity Futurium community.

You are welcome to consult the User Manual in case you have any questions on how to use the platform.

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