ASSIST-IoT CfP for “Future Platforms for Edge-Cloud Continuum–Theoretical Foundations and Practical Considerations” @IEEE 8th WF-IoT

ASSIST-IoT organises a Special Session in IEEE 8th World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT), 26 Oct–11 Nov 2022, in Yokohama, Japan. The ASSIST-IoT Special Session is entitled “Future Platforms for Edge-Cloud Continuum–Theoretical Foundations and Practical Considerations”. Call for papers is open. Deadline 13 June 2022.

In this context, contributions addressing theoretical and practical aspects of the following topics are invited (this list is, obviously, not exhaustive):

  • IoT architectures for domain agnostic user-aware, self-aware, (semi-)autonomous edge-cloud continuum platforms, including proposals for novel decentralized topologies, ad-hoc resource federation, time-triggered behaviors
  • Foundations for next generation of higher-level (meta) operating systems facilitating efficient use of computing capacity across edge-cloud continuum
  • Resource aware AI, including frugal AI, bringing intelligence to the edge-cloud continuum platforms (and ecosystems)
  • Cognitive frameworks leveraging AI-techniques to improve optimization of infrastructure usage and services and resources orchestration
  • Efficient streaming Big Data processing within large-scale IoT ecosystems
  • Interoperability solutions for multi-user edge-cloud continuum platforms, capable of coping with systematically increasing complexity of connecting vast numbers of heterogeneous devices
  • Federated data spaces approach for improved data governance, sovereignty and sharing
  • Privacy, security, trust and data governance in competitive scenarios
  • CO2 footprint reduction and efficient use of green energy in edge-cloud continuum ecosystems
  • Practical aspects of resource orchestration within highly heterogeneous, large-scale edge-cloud continuum ecosystems
  • Intent-based networking and its application to IoT
  • Swarm intelligence for IoT-edge-cloud continuum

    In case you might be interested you may find more information in the ASSIST-IoT webpage here.

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