A 6G Vision: 3GPP Release 19 & Vertical Industries Requirements – Slides and recording available


This webinar took place on July 20th, 2023. It brought together representatives from various vertical industries and other experts to shape the future of 3GPP release 19 and set the stage for the emergence of the 6G system. The 5G system has revolutionised communication systems, achieving a significant increase in key performance indicators compared to its predecessor, the 4G system. Moreover, it has introduced new functionalities to support emerging application scenarios. Building upon the success of 5G, 6G is expected to emerge in the late 2020s, and there are ongoing activities to define its requirements.

By bringing together representatives from various vertical industries, the webinar delved into defining thoughts, ideas, and requirements for 3GPP release 19 from the verticals’ perspective. This collaborative effort will ensure that the 5G system continues to meet the evolving needs of different industries while paving the way for the future advancements of 6G. During the webinar, the ongoing studies for 3GPP release 19 and the additional capabilities of the 5G system were explored. These provided insights into the future of 5G and offer guidance on the capabilities that the 6G system needs to encompass.

You can watch the webinar here or download slides  there.

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