Outcomes of the 5G Vertical User Workshop

On the 24th of November the 5G PPP Vertical Engagement Committee organised a 5G Vertical User Workshop, bringing in representatives from automotive, automation and media to discuss requirements, issues and challenges in the adoption of 5G technologies to an audience of 200 registered participants.



The 5G vertical users workshop aimed at establishing a collaborative event for strategic dialogue between vertical industries (automotive Industrial automation, health, media industry, security, public safety, energy) and 3GPP. They were able to exchange requirements, outline issues and obstacles impeding progress, and look at upcoming future standards development.

Key issues such as efficiency and safety of the service, sustainability, user-friendliness, or creation of a viable ecosystem were adressed by the speakers. These requirements are considered to be essential to unlock the potential of 5G technologies, with the objective to enhance vertical industries.


Watch the video, read slides presented at the webinar by clicking below, and have a look here at key takeaways from presentations:


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